Water Recycling Platforms

Waste-water recycling helps clients optimize water costs and minimize their environmental footprint. With cutting edge technologies and proven expertise across SA’s most important waste-water recycling plants, Oil Separation Solutions company treats even the dirtiest of waste water and industrial effluent to potable and ultra-pure standards with customized waste water recycling solutions.


Waste water recycling for municipalities reduces reliance on stressed fresh water sources and frees up bulk water, which can soften the need to invest in new potable plant builds. It also protects sensitive ecosystems and reclaims natural aquifers.


The far lower per-unit cost of recycled waste water over municipal bulk water supply is a significant financial opportunity for big water users to greatly reduce their water capex. Particularly for processed water, where potable is not needed and presents unnecessary treatment costs that are borne by the end user, waste water recycling is an investment for any consumer. 

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