Importance of Hazardous Waste Management

Oil Separations Solutions is passionate about providing definitive services in hazardous waste management. As we uphold the highest standards of compliances in hazardous waste management, we are licensed by the South African government to transport, store and process hazardous waste.

The removal of waste in a sustainable manner is critical to the safety of humans and the environment as a whole.

Here are a few definitive reasons why you should choose Oil Separations Solutions to navigate through hazardous waste management:

  1. An in-depth understanding of various types of hazardous waste

There are generally four different categories that hazardous waste can fall into. This includes corrosive waste which deteriorates tissue and metals; secondly is the ignitable waste since it is highly flammable and can be a danger due to the release of toxic fumes that are just as deadly as the risk of fire. Thirdly, Reactive waste can be seen as especially detrimental if it comes into contact with other chemicals, it can explode. Lastly, toxic waste can be a problem due to the substance exposure to humans and animals if inhaled or absorbed.

  1. Reduction of pollution

As there are different types of hazardous waste, there are also various grades of pollution. Rubbish and waste can cause air and water pollution, or even a combination thereof. It is especially important to maintain a clean environment for humans to have clean breathing air.

Contact Oil Separation Solutions for more information regarding the importance of hazardous waste management solutions. 

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