Benefits of Oil Recycling Platforms

Proper management of industrial waste is crucial to protect the natural environment and human health. One large, potentially hazardous waste stream is used automotive lubricating oil. Waste oil is potentially harmful to the environment that a litre of used oil is enough to contaminate one million litres of water.


OSS used oil re-refinery plays a key role in recovering waste oil for reuse and helping prevent it from damaging the environment. The used oil recovered goes through various stages before becoming new and useful products.


  1. Testing


Used oil must be thoroughly tested to ensure it is suitable for re-refining. Lower quality oil that has too many contaminants or too much water content, for instance, is reused for its heat value as an industrial fuel oil.


  1. Re-refining


High quality used oil that is considered ideal for re-refining goes through a lengthy process to be recycled. The first 3 stages of re-refining: dehydration, defuelingand vacuum distillation – remove water, fuel, contaminants and the remaining additives from the used oil. The final stage, hydro-treating, is identical to conventional refining. It reduces the aromatic content, acidity, carbon residue, sulphur, nitrogen and sludge-forming tendencies, while increasing saturates content and improving oxidation stability, colour, antioxidant response and viscosity and temperature characteristics. This process is 100 percent sustainable and can be repeated over and over without degrading the quality of the re-refined product .


  1. Selling and blending


Once the base oil has been recovered and passed through quality assurance testing, it is either sold as recycled base oil to other lubricant manufacturers that produce their own blends of recycled oil, or blended with technologically advanced additives to produce a wide range of recycled industrial oils.


Recycling used oil provides many benefits, including improved environmental sustainability and corporate reputation.

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