All about Waterless Degreasing Platforms

Degreasing is the process of removing grease or oil from different platforms and surfaces. The goal is to degrease a variety of components and areas without using a large number of resources. Several degreasing platforms use water, chemicals and intensive labour to degrease. The problem with water degreasing platforms is that they tent to leave dampness inside the components being degreased. This is where waterless degreasing platforms are the most beneficial.

Vapour degreasing is a waterless degreasing platform. It is a no-touch method, the degreaser is vaporized within the vapour chamber and condensates on the parts that need to be cleaned. This vapour then drips from the surface releasing the grease and removing it along with any other residues with it. Some platforms have additional chambers where a solvent is sprayed to speed up the degreasing process and to clean the area after the degreasing process.

Waterless degreasing platforms have several benefits. Firstly this method of degreasing is less time consuming and requires less effort to degrease the components as it offers the most ideal solution for cleaning electronic parts. Secondly, vapour degreasers offer a greater level of degreasing than traditional means of degreasing. The vapour can easily coat all hard to reach places and tight creases. This means that it offers an optimal clean and finish. The process is simple as the boiling solution acts to dissolve the contaminants and remove them by dripping it off from the part.

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