5 Easy ways to recycle water at home and at the office

There are many different types of water waste including bath water, shower water, rainwater and more. People often allow this water to run down the drain – or, in the case of rainwater, directly into the sewers – without thinking twice. However, the smarter thing to do would be to recycle this water therefore decreasing your overall water use. Here are a few ways to recycle water at home and at the office:


Collect rainwater

Rainwater is a valuable source of water that could be recycled. Instead of allowing excess rainwater to run off the roof of your home or office building and into the sewers, make use of a rain barrel to collect this water. Rain barrels can be used at home or at the office for several applications such as watering the garden.


Save bath water

You know that soapy water that you let run down the drain after every bath? Well, it could be recycled. Instead of opening the plug and allowing the water to drain away, collect it and use it for other activities such as washing your car. There are most likely no baths at your work, but there might be sinks, and the soapy water from your sinks will work just as well.


Save shower water

When you shower in the morning you may let the water run first to reach the right temperature before getting in. If this is the case, then we recommend using a bucket to collect this water. The water could be recycled by using it to flush the toilet or water your plants.


Create a raingarden

Why let rainwater go to waste when you could create a beautiful garden from it. Recycle rainwater by building a layered hanging garden beneath the gutters surrounding your home or office. The gutters can then be made to redirect rainwater into pipes with irrigation holes that sit directly above the hanging garden.


Install a greywater system

A greywater system is a great way to recycle water. It is not an easy DIY task as it requires professional help. Water drainage from showers, baths, sinks, washing machines and more can be redirected by a greywater system and used for irrigation.

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